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Thanks to all the staff and supporters from:

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Live Broadcast with SBR's Aussie DJ!

 Thank you to the following for your help and support of the 2019 Oz Flight Sim Expo

  • Dan Hammond, Operations Lead of the Oz Flight Sim Expo. He helps me out big time, including keeping me on track.

  • Mark Chapman, Brian Carter, Phil Mason and all the crew and their partners and families from the Illawarra Flight Simulator Group for their enthusiasm and support of the event.

  • Bob De La Hunty; Sherryl Shersson and all the staff from HARS. Very hard to keep track of Sherryl, she's either helping out in Cafe Connie, or on the Hangar floor making sure everything is running smoothly. Thank you again for your hard work.

  • Tim Hillier of SimJet for his support.

  • Richard Hansen, the best MC in the world, and a top bloke.

  • Craig "Oxy" Matthews - man thank you so much for just being you and being there. Couldn't have done it without you.

  • Matt De La Hunty for his wonderful cockpit. Enjoy DCS and Prepar3D!

  • Norbert and Rick from ITI for the Projectors and Screens that really enhanced a few of the cockpit setups.

  • Andrew Taplin (and Mark!)

  • Michael and Kate Wethereld (IVAO). 

  • David Mitchell (RallyeAir)

  • Alex Lawrence (RallyeAir)

  • Tristan Garrett (Sky Blue Radio)

  • Trevor Cheney and all the Navy staff from the Fleet Air Arm for their fantastic helicopter simulators.

  • Michael Barnes, Mark Krase, Todd Whitehead, Ross Hawkins and Shane Kao (Kermit) from the 62nd Fighting Falcons

  • Sally and the volunteers from Aerospace Training Services for helping us out over the weekend.

  • Radio Rentals Wooloongong for their awesome 4k UHD TVs used by the 62nd Fighting Falcons

  • South Coast Party Hire for the tables.

  • and everyone that helped put this event on, and to all the visitors that attended over the weekend.

Thank you all so much.

Ross Farquharson

Event Director

Oz Flight Sim Expo 

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Saturday13 - Sunday 14 


Wings Over Illawarra Airshow
1/32 Airport Road,
Shellharbour Airport
Albion Park Rail 2527


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